Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When to change fuel filter on e90 2006 325i?

Hi, I never see a change interval for the fuel filter in the owner's manual of this bmw. Does anyone know how often this should be replaced?When to change fuel filter on e90 2006 325i?
It is safe and cost effective to change fuel filter every 35,000 miles in BMW cars.

Some owners change fuel filters at 5000miles intervals.

The manufacturers did not mention it becoz some cars goes 50,000miles and more without fuel filters change.

All depends on the area u live and drive.

Again it depends on your budget too.When to change fuel filter on e90 2006 325i?
it depends on where you live at and how the roads are,and how much dust is around,usually every 5 thousand miles is a good time to change them,there's real good schedule in the owners manual on that car that will tell when to change that and the oil in it,i change mine around every 5 thousand,sometimes sooner depending on how and where i drive it,good luck with it.
Well I am not sure on that model But My 740I requires a fuel filter change at 50,000 mile interval.

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