Friday, November 19, 2010

How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?

My car cut off on me and isn't starting, i try to crank it and it sounds like its out of gas....but it has a half tank of gas in it, i was told it is probably the fuel filter....the car has a new battery, and alternator is good,How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?
I did it on my Maxima 92, and it was easy.. just look up for the filter. It's usually behind the motor, near the windshield. Once you know where it is, disconect the hose from both sides of the filter with a screwdriver and place the new one. tight them well, but not overtightened.

-(The filter has an out and an intake flow, make sure you don't reverse those when placing the new one).

-(The hose will have a certain gasoline pressure if your car uses a gas pump, so be careful with your eyes).

-(When you have the old one out, blow through it from the same way gasoline flows and see if it's blocked. Blow the new one too so you can see the difference. If the old one was kind of blocked or dirty, but it wasn't the problem of your car, at least you replaced a not so good filter).

Nobody warranties that's gonna be problem.

But if you wanna go ahead and do it I wish you good luck.How do i change the fuel filter on a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis?
Q- follow the fuel lines from the tank it will take you to the filter,but, do you have a mechanical pump or an electric pump? if you have an electric one have some one get in and turn the key into the run position, the spot the key goes back to after you start the car. open the fuel tank,like your putting gas in, and listen for a low volume whine. if that is present then find the filter, if it's not present then replace the fuel pump.
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have you been adding any fuel treatments to keep fuel system clean might not need a fuel filter at all

a cup of water wil kill it and it just takes one bad tank of fuel so add a botle of fuel treatment dont run your tank low on fuel more so in winter months tank sweat when you do causes water most likey problem

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