Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do you change the fuel filter in a 2002 nissan altima?

Is this something I should do myself? Or should I take it to a mechinic. If I should take it.....can you sugget anyone in the Hattiesburg/laurel ms area.How do you change the fuel filter in a 2002 nissan altima?
If I were you and in your situation, I would definitely take the car in to a mechanic. It might take a little more to be fixed, but most manufacturers and safety experts recommend that you take it in for something like that. A friend of mine did his by himself and wound up putting it on the wrong way. I disagree with the answerer who said that you should have learned to do this stuff before driving the car because while you should know how to change your own oil and flat tires, a fuel filter should be left to someone who has been trained on how to do it. What I would recommend as far as the mechanic, go to the Nissan dealership in your area. They know your car. Don't take it to a quick lube shop or places like that. My fiancee took her car to a quick lube shop to get the transmission fluid replaced and we wound up having to have the car towed to another shop to have the problems they caused repaired. Be careful and good luck.How do you change the fuel filter in a 2002 nissan altima?
Unless you want to mess with gas take it in. Any oil changing place should be able to do it.
Read your owners manual.... That is the fastest way to learn about your car. You should already have learned how to do that stuff before you started DRIVING the car !!!
LOL That is not a easy thing to do i can tell you that much, i suggest taking it to a mechanic and getting it done! and when u do dont just go to one mechanic, go around to a lot of em and see which one is the cheapest ok?

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