Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to change fuel filter 2006 altima?

The filter should be mounted on the firewall or the inside fender and is golden in color with a line going into the bottom and out the top. These lines can be identified as they are held to the filter by ';banjo bolts';. Basically, these are bolts that go thru the end of the fuel line which is aprox. 1/4'; thick. The fuel passes into this area and then into the bolt itself which has holes for this, the out the bolt into the fuel filter, or out of the filter into the line. Fairly strait forward repair. The filter is round, say 2'; in diameter, and approx. 4'; long held to the body by a round clamp not unlike the clamp that holds an old style ignition coil. A small bolt tightens this clamp about 1/2 way along the clamp.


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