Friday, November 19, 2010

How to change fuel filter in 2001 Blazer

We just replaced the fuel pump and now the car loses power when driving and you have to floor the gas for it to go. Went and had the codes ran and it says too much air in the fuel!

Suggestion was to change the fuel filter and we found it but how in the world do we get the old one out? Looks like a lot of stuff in the way.

Also, would a defective fuel pump cause this problem as well as when you turn the car on there is a loud humming sound by the fuel tank. Never heard that before either.



SindyHow to change fuel filter in 2001 Blazer
what was the codes that autozone pulled. give us the code number. and yes if you bought the fuel pump from the zone, most likely its bad, get a delcoHow to change fuel filter in 2001 Blazer
You may have pinched the fuel line when lifting the tank back up or you have a defective need flare nut wrench to remove the fuel filter...last thing you wanna do is use regular open end wrench and round out those fuel lines...

Good luck!

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