Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to change fuel filter on 2005 f150?

Look up your make year model and fuel filter on and it will tell you where the filter is and how to install it.How to change fuel filter on 2005 f150?
It's on the frame rail close to rear of cab. Requires a spring lock release tool to remove. Napa, Auto Zone any store like that should have it. It's best to spray with wd40, let sit for a minute and blast mud and crud out with compressed air if you have it. Push tool in to release spring and then pull hose back off of filter. These can be a real bear sometimes. If it doesn't release try repeating above but strongly pushing fuel line ';towards'; filter and then quickly back. to release.How to change fuel filter on 2005 f150?
if the filter is not internal (in the gas tank), you will need the ford fuel line disconnecter, you can get that from any parts store, then shove it in the line, work it back and forth and get it off
also be careful not to break the fuel line because that would be a costly repair.

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