Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to change a fuel filter, AND what's the cost of a tune up?

So for the last few days when I'm at a stop light or sign, then try to accelerate, it's like my car (98 mercury tracer) wants to die. I was told by some random guys in the parking lot of the mall that it's most likely my fuel filter, and that it's possible to change it myself, because of the location of it.I want to try to do this, and if it doesn't work, bring it to my usual shop and get a ';tune up';, just basically change filters and stuff. First question, can someone explain to me how to change a fuel filter? And my second question, how much does a tune up cost? I'm so lost!How to change a fuel filter, AND what's the cost of a tune up?
Buy the Hayes or Chilton book and you can do all that yourself. I don't know where the filter is on your car; but get underneath your car and look for a fuel line coming out of the gas tank. Follow that line until you see it. you may want to buy it first at Autozone so you know what it looks like. They're easy to change, you just pull the lines out of it from both size.

You can change spark plugs easily as well or spend $75 at a mechanic. That's about all there is to a tuneup these days.How to change a fuel filter, AND what's the cost of a tune up?
It could be the fuel filter but it could also be the plugs. Instead of taking advice here go to the auto parts store and buy a ';Chilton's'; book for your particular model of car. It will tell you how to change the filter or at least show you where it is and you can figure it out from there. While there ask the parts guy what a tune up consists of and then ask for a parts price list.
It could also be spark plug wires. If it's an intermittent problem -- for example when it's damp outside -- it could be a bad spark plug wire. Very easy to change. Depending on your engine, the cost should be $20 - $60 for a set.

In regard to tune-ups, they don't consist of much anymore. Fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, and possibly spark plug wires. If you have more than 60k miles, I would try the wires also.
to change a fuel filter on the newer cars its not so simple.you would be better off getting it replaced at the same time as the tune up .the fuel filter should be a part of the tune up on most cars.the f/filter may not be the cause of your hesitation .it could be the fuel injectors (if the car is equipped with them) take to your local shop and have it checked.
MIA please you just asking this questions well you wont be able to do this job. So if you live in the LOS ANGELES AREA I will be more then happy to show you how to replace the fuel filter.
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