Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do I change fuel filter - jeep comanche?

Can I simply remove the two lines to the fuel filter, change filter and reconnect the lines? How do I keep gas from draining?How do I change fuel filter - jeep comanche?
I recently added this section onto my seb site. There is a part on there wtih images and with text to show you how to do it. There will not be very much fuel, if any, coming from the filter. I would still have a small container to catch it, because even a drop can make you smell for a while.


Here are the instructions that I copied and pasted:

This is the location of the fuel filter in my '95 Jeep Wrangler. The view is from the back, driver's side. The best way to get to the fuel filter is to get under the Jeep from in front of the back driver's side tire. It is mounted on the inside of the frame.

You will have to loosen the straps buy using a flat head screw driver on both sides of the fuel filter. Unscrew the strap in the middle holding the filter to the frame. Once the straps are loose, get out the the way, because some gas will leak when you pull the filter out. Pull the tubes off of each side of the fuel filter and replace it with a new one.

Hope this helps!How do I change fuel filter - jeep comanche?
There won't be that much gas come out in order to change the filter. Go ahead and try it.
Yes you can do that but I would suggest you relieve the pressure on the system first. If you do not relieve it you will get an eye-full of fuel and that will burn your eyes. The way to relieve pressure is under the hood. Locate the fuel injection rail. It will be a shiny silver line along the intake on the engine. It will be connected to all of the injectors. On this line there is a Schroeder valve (just like the air valve on your tire). Remove cap and depress valve to relieve pressure.
no draining at all. remove the two lines and a little gas will come out. make sure you follow the arrow on the filter and you'll be done in about five minutes.
If this Heep is fuel injected, remove fuel pump relay in underhood relay box and crank engine until dead.

Pressure relieved.
Yes, you simply repace the filter. And there will be some dribbles in the process. It is best to remove the lines and then stop what you are doing and take a break allowing the filter to finish dribbling before finishing the process. Obviously, don't smoke or have other sources of ignition during the process.
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