Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Car needs ECU after tune up/oil change/fuel filter change?

I keep reading that ECUs are not interchangable but how do I found out which one I need (95 mitsu eclipse 2.0 DOHC) I am having MORE work done to my car, but I am still deciding if it is worth doing for I am already in for $443 for work done w/towing and would rather not shell out another $200 (estimated)

From the little info I have seen there are three choices for my engine but I havent a clue if all three will plug in but have a 33% chance of having it be the correct one. I am trying to become informed on the repairs and want more knowledge before I tell the mechanic to proceed with the repairs. I would hate to find out he replaced the ECU with one that will do the job for a small amount of time.

I am hoping for reassurance that ONLY the correct ECU will fit and start my car. Thanks in advance to any and all the take the time to replyCar needs ECU after tune up/oil change/fuel filter change?
It's true ECUs are not interchangeable, but that should not mean you'll have trouble finding it, because there should be only one choice for your car, model and engine. It might depend on which Eclipse you have, i.e. GS, GST, GSX, or RS. I suggest going to www.rockauto.com. Then just select your car, etc..., and under the electrical category, go to the engine control module (computer). They list the choices there, as well as the OEM model #. Look at the number on yours, and the one that matches is the correct one.

On another note... Some details of your story seem to be missing, but it sounds like a typical sheisty mechanic to me... You bring it in, have some work done, and with your car at the mercy of being towed, they tell you you need this and that expensive crap too or your car's gonna blow, etc...

Some important information is missing here though... Like why was the car being brought in for a tune-up? Tune up stuff like plugs, wires, filters, etc... are good to do when needed, but they are not the cause of stranding you, just poor performance/efficiency. I'm assuming that somehow it's been explained to you that the ECU is what stranded you...and yeah that could be, but I'd wonder how that was determined...and if the problem was the ECU, then why was the tune up stuff done?

Another thing...you are trying to figure out which ECU is usable, but you're afraid of the mechanic putting in one which won't last? I don't know if you plan on doing just that part yourself....but either way, if the mechanic doesn't know which ECU to get, then he/she's sure out to lunch, and someone who would never see my car again. If you're thinking of perusing the salvage yards, then again, there should be a model # on the ECU itself, and if that's the same, it's the same unit. But again, you said your main purpose is reassurance that only the correct ECU will fit and start your car... That's true, but it shouldn't be relevant. There is no benefit to trying to find a different-than-original ECU, unless you found a cheap one on ebay or something.Car needs ECU after tune up/oil change/fuel filter change?
yes only the correct engine control unit will work,, my question is my does it need one after a tuneup. is there a problem with the one you have, if there is then any problems you are having may be the ecu not the spark plugs and oil filter.i would sugjest having someone preform this for you since replacing an ecu requires care to protect against static electricity. that will dammage a new ecu

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